Sway Partners is a boutique training and coaching firm on a mission to help organizations flourish by cultivating communication skills, developing leaders and strengthening teams.


Our work draws from the diverse backgrounds of the Principals, Jack Hourigan and Ellen Morita.  Techniques from theatre, improv and media combine with practical business application to make engaging and impactful learning and growth experiences.


....that authentic and brave communication drives success.


It’s what great leaders have in common – the ability to connect with others to build relationships, inspire winning team performance and influence outcomes.


It’s the key ingredient in effective teamwork. Collaboration requires a diverse group of people to reach common goals by connecting in uncommon ways.


And it’s the x-factor when decisions are made in funding research, selecting a service provider and promoting the next executive.



The seed for Sway Partners was planted in the ‘80’s.


While working on our High School Athletic Council, we shared many similarities:  humour, hard work and high hair. But it was our differences that fostered our bond. Jack’s natural draw to the Arts and Ellen’s aptitude for all things business always complemented each other.


After many years exploring separate careers, we discovered a shared desire to help organizations build stronger cultures with communication, leadership and teamwork. Our unique connection still balances humour and hard work (minus the high hair).

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