How you communicate with your teams, colleagues and clients is everything right now.


In times of crisis the most critical role of a leader is to calm, to inspire and to inform.

3 key ways to Communicating through the curve:

  • Be early and frequent.  Err on the side of over-communicating.  When people are uneasy they can read a lot into silence. Send updates even if they say "not much to update on today".  Address issues and conflict early (see "Brave Conversations" at link to the right).


  • Maintain positivity.  As a leader your team is watching you closely. Not just what you say but how you say it.  How you show up now as a leader will have tremendous impact.  Be real, be vulnerable and focus on moving forward.

  • Coach a lot.  Direct where necessary.  Coaching means giving your team the trust to make good decisions, to use their talents in the most productive way and to challenge their thinking through the use of big, open questions.  Coaching allows you and your team to be most productive.  As always, use your good judgement to know when its time to coach and when it's time to make decisions (see article to the right "Decision making in uncertain times"), provide clear direction and move forward.  For coaching tips see "Coaching Through the Curve" at the link to the right.

Host a Virtual Team Party!

Ideas from our clients:

  • Coffee party (show your colleagues where you are, catch up on non-work stuff!


  • Cocktail party (grab a drink together on Friday @ 4pm to celebrate the week)

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