Improv Rules

We combine  Improv Rules with our Sway STEPS in constructing all our workshops, coaching and facilitated sessions.

Yes, and: Say yes and add what you know to the idea or conversation. Respect what others have to contribute, if you deny ideas you won’t move forward.


Ensemble Approach: Play for the group not yourself. Make your partner look good and think about how you can contribute to the bigger picture.


Listen for Gifts: Get out of your head and listen. Leave your agenda behind and you will discover something even greater together.


Be Present: Fully commit to the now. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future robs you of the wonder of the moment.


Give and Take: Balance brings connection, joy and endless possibilities to create something wonderful from nothing.


Follow the Fear: Think differently. Push yourself into the uncomfortable and see where it leads you.


There are no mistakes only opportunities: Great discoveries come from “happy accidents". Success is accepting and learning from failure. 


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