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I’m Ellen.


Early in my career someone said to me “it’s not personal, it’s business”.   




That moment solidified my beliefs.  That business IS personal, that leadership matters and that when people come together driven by purpose, they can do extraordinary things.


In my past corporate life (mostly at big banks), I saw every day that great communication made the work better, faster and more fun.  I loved connecting the dots between big, ambitious vision and thoughtful tactics. And I focused on helping my team members and colleagues make the most of their own potential. 


Now, along with my Sway co-founder Jack, I’m on a mission to help a variety of organizations build leadership, team and communication capabilities. 


My specialities are:

  • Coaching Executives and Emerging Leaders

  • Creating and leading Leadership and Team Workshops

  • Helping build communication skills

  • Facilitating strategic conversations and uncovering insights


I also spend my time trying to ensure two boys grow up to be good men, pretending I’m a celebrity chef and losing myself in a good book.


And it’s all very personal to me.

Ellen Morita

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