There is no playbook for for COVID19 and social distancing. 


It's up to you and your teams to figure out what works.  To listen to all ideas, to add on, to try things, to fail fast, and to try again.

This is the time to improvise.

Areas where you can apply the Improv rules now:

  • How you work from home. Where, when, how, what?  It's all up for grabs.


  • How your teams are structured.  Now is not the time to be stuck on the structure that was.  Does it still make sense?  Should some people be redeployed?  Do you need new smaller work groups with specific mandates that can be more nimble?  Some of our clients have told us about sales people that now can't visit clients.  Can they be added to project teams?  Brainstorm ideas, try them out, keep improvising!



Yes, and: Say yes and add what you know to the idea or conversation. Respect what others have to contribute, if you deny ideas you won’t move forward.


Ensemble Approach: Play for the group not yourself. Make your partner look good and think about how you can contribute to the bigger picture.


Listen for Gifts: Get out of your head and listen. Leave your agenda behind and you will discover something even greater together.


Be Present: Fully commit to the now. Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future robs you of the wonder of the moment.


Give and Take: Balance brings connection, joy and endless possibilities to create something wonderful from nothing.


Follow the Fear: Think differently. Push yourself into the uncomfortable and see where it leads you.


There are no mistakes only opportunities: Great discoveries come from “happy accidents". Success is accepting and learning from failure. 

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