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Jack Hourigan

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Hello, Insert your name here,


I’m Jack, short for Jacqueline. My nickname growing up was Jack Sprat, apparently, I could eat no fat… but I digress.


I’ve spent my life performing on stage. From Tina Butterfield’s backyard, to McGill University, to Second City.


I fell into TV and hosted a few cooking and lifestyle shows, acted in some films and TV shows, mostly as “The Concerned Mom”.  I am a Mom of two, so it wasn’t a big stretch artistically.


What I loved most about that time in my career was rolling out of bed and having someone else brush my hair.


On Feb 13, 2011 my life changed. I spent 82 days in the NICU with my micro preemie daughter, Tess.  It was there that I discovered my improv and media skills would be put to better use to empower patients, families and clinicians.


My lifelong friend Ellen and I co-founded Sway Partners with a mission to help folks communicate effectively through purposeful storytelling and leadership presence. We see potential everywhere and believe everyone has natural gifts which they are yet to explore.


What I love most about this time in my career is belly laughing with Ellen, but I do miss getting my hair brushed.


I specialize in:

  • Public Speaking and Storytelling Skills

  • Body & Voice Confidence

  • Story and Slide Development

  • Multi-Media Training; on and off camera

  • Improvising to connect with your audience

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