We work with organizations to design programs specific to their development needs.

Our program design starts with our core belief that great leadership is about how you "show up" and requires: ​

  • Authentic, brave and clear communication

  • A strong awareness of personal strengths

  • Superior relationship-building skills

  • The ability to improvise

  • A highly tuned external awareness build on deep listening

Our leadership workshops range from multi-day small group programs to short sessions focused on one development topic.

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With 20 years of corporate and leadership experience, Ellen uses her mix of business knowledge and intuition to help leaders make the most of their inherent potential.

Ellen is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. 


She works with corporate and not-for-profit leaders in the following areas:

  • Leveraging strengths to their fullest potential.

  • Exposing potential de-railers and developing strategies to mitigate.

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills to build strong relationships. 

  • Strengthening strategy development, decision-making and execution skills.

  • Ensuring that work is not overwhelming physical and mental well-being.

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