Our Story

Ellen Morita (nee O’Rourke) and Jack(ie) Hourigan’s synergy began decades ago while working together on their High School Athletic Council in a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario. They shared many similarities back in the 80’s; humour, hard work and high hair. But, it was the strength of their differences that fostered their bond. Ellen’s aptitude for all things business and Jack’s natural draw towards the arts always complemented each other. After many years exploring separate careers around the globe, these two seasoned professionals decided to form Sway Partners. Their unique connection returns that balance of humour and hard work (minus the high hair) and brings authenticity to everything they do.


Outside of work, Jack and Ellen share some key beliefs (which may stem from their Irish heritage) --- “our greatest sources of inspiration are our children, food is love, there is not enough laughter in the world."

And if you couldn't tell....we like dogs.

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