Preemie Families

As a Preemie parent, I know this is a particularily concerning time. Whether your kid is brand new and in the unit or they've been around a while, the feelings of fear remain.  The good news is,  as Preemie parents we already know the importance of hand washing, social distancing and advocating for our kids. We have been coughing into our elbows and using them to press elevator buttons well before it became mainstream!


We also know that Peer support is critical  in times of social distancing to prevent isolation and promote connection. So, if you havent already, go to the CPBF website for additional  resources (see link below) and connect virtually on thier CPBF private facebook page. Consider them your β˜‚οΈ in the storm! 


Canadian Premature Babies Foundation πŸ’œ


Every Wednesday - 1pm EST: Online NICU Parent Group

Every Monday & Friday - 1pm EST: Facebook LIVE with an expert​

Follow our social media for up to date information and resources.


Fine Motor Exercises with OT (and former Preemie) Victoria DiGiovanni 


Mindfulness Apps:





Sleep Pillow 


More links to come!


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