Go jump in the lake and 9 other things I’m supposed to do on vacation.

I am on vacation.

I am writing this blog because I’m supposed to.

I’m also supposed to call in, check emails and finish an outstanding proposal. I’m supposed to book appointments for my kids, follow up on some test results and update my outlook calendar. And even as I sit here on the dock listening to the waves hit the beach, I have this nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something really important.

I am forgetting what I’m supposed to do.

“Supposed to” feels like that lead sinker thingy on the end of my fishing line. And to be honest, I have always preferred the red and white bobber thingy that floats and marks my spot on the surface of the lake. (Spoken like a seasoned Canadian fisherman, I know)

Somehow along the way, we North Americans have lost sight of that proverbial floating bobber thingy on the surface of our collective lake. Instead, we just keep adding more and more weight until our lines drag the bottom and get all snagged up on a mossy log.

I recently read an article about an innovative initiative called Orange Discovery by the CEO of Tangerine @PeterAceto. It’s a program for employees who have completed ten years with their organization to take six consecutive weeks of company paid leave. It is a chance to press pause (without the threat of losing their jobs) and be given the magical gift of time to “help them develop their passion, and grow”.

I see it as the ultimate red and white bobber thingy marking their spot on the surface of Lake Supposed To.

Press pause. | Peter Aceto | LinkedIn

In the social media world writers are always supposed to add lists to blogs and articles. “If you add a top 5 or 10, people read on ”. Honestly, it drives me bonkers, but if it will make you pay attention to the importance of taking a wee sabbatical from your life to be happier, here is my list.

The top 10 things I’m supposed to do this week while on my self imposed mini Canadian sabbatical.

  1. Attempt to teach my kids how to make pesto with the overabundant shoreline mint; but if it doesn't happen, who cares.

  2. Dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow and play in the “Giggle House” at least twice.

  3. Tell mildly scary stories (as not to disturb our already established sleep patterns) by the campfire.

  4. Paddle board my way down the entire shore … all alone.

  5. Get up the nerve to enter the coop and collect the eggs from the chickens, without hand sanitizing afterwards.

  6. Dance to bad 80’s music from a weak signal on the only available cottage radio station.

  7. Drink a Bloody Caesar while reading the Coles Notes version of Julius Caesar that I found in the barn book exchange.

  8. Fall asleep in a Muskoka Chair at sundown (and not disturb already established sleep patterns).

  9. Put my Iphone on airplane mode, because the world can survive just fine without me checking LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for seven whole days.

During this Canada Day week, I encourage you to all to go on a mini sabbatical and remove the weights off your line. Discover your own Top 10 Supposed To list , but do me a favour, don't blog it, post it or tweet it. Just keep it all to yourselves and float for a while all on your own.

10. Stop writing this blog because I'm supposed to go jump in the lake.

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