Team Workshops

Effective teamwork relies on the ability of the team members to communicate with honesty, courage and a focus on team results.

Our team workshops are designed to enhance team performance through critical communication skills.

Participants learn and practice how to have healthy conflict and how to support AND hold each other accountable. Lessons from Improv contribute to the program of building strong ensembles.

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Facilitating and Consulting

When Sway facilitates a dialogue all views are heard and examined, collaboration is fostered, conflict is managed, ideas are synthesized into key themes and accountability is clear.

With this approach we have helped:

  • Executive teams to develop and plan strategy (vision, mission, goals, operating plans)

  • Sales teams to create compelling narratives and translate into story decks and branding language.

  • Gain deeper insight around Employee Experience and Diversity and Inclusion; design strategies and action plans based on that insight. 

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