I learned how to tell my story from Jack Hourigan at the PWP advocacy training.


I now have the courage to become a patient advisor, I sit with a committee as a pain partner offering the patient perspective. Many Thanks for now I am stronger for attending the CPS scientific meetings and can assist others. 



Virginia McIntyre

PWP Advocate, Nova Scotia

The dynamic duo of Ellen and Jack expertly enabled the power of human connection for our team. Their approach was at once engaging and motivational, thoughtful and insightful, practical and fun. The outcome of our time together was a richer sense of team with an ability to create and sustain exceptional experiences for our stakeholders and each other.

Malcolm Berry

Vice President, SickKids Foundation

In today's workplace everyone wants leadership that is authentic and transparent.  In this environment leaders at all levels need one skill above all others - the ability to improvise.  With their combined experience in business, theatre and the media, Jack and Ellen provide a practical guide to how you can get better at thinking on your feet.  With humour and passion they are able to demonstrate how developing improvisation skills will also improve innovation, communication and collaboration.  Each on their own are great speakers - together they are awesome.

John Brewer

Chair, The Better Workplace Conference, Representing the Conference Board of Canada

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jack and Ellen on a Zone-wide Neonatal Intensive Care Visioning Day.  With well over 100 inter-disciplinary healthcare participants over four unique hospital sites, Jack and Ellen skillfully managed and coordinated the day.  They are collaborative skilled communicators and exceptional engagers.  They ensured that all attendees felt heard and that everyone had a voice.  They were powerful motivators and supported me personally thought the process.  I would recommend Sway Partners Inc. without hesitation for any event requiring facilitation, expertise and humour. 

Bridget Smith

Director of Critical Care, Alberta Health Services

Jack has a unique ability to bring out the best in people and make them shine. Her humour, insight and professionalism helped our team feel confident and explore our untapped storytelling skills.

Larry W. Weinberg

Partner, Cassels, Brock Lawyers

Ellen has been the foundation of my success in Canada.  With her mentoring and coaching I obtained several promotions and made a decision to pursue my MBA. She is the definition of success, courage and vision and I will always be thankful for all that she has done for me.

Satwik Misra

TD Asset Management

Jack is brilliant and so entertaining.  And because she is an actor her presentation skills are excellent.  What a way to end the first day!

IPFCC Conference Vancouver

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