Our workshops are designed to have lasting impact.  Every workshop starts with a development phase that includes getting to know your organization, team and individual goals.  With that knowledge we can begin designing a program to address your specific learning needs.

Communicating as a Team

Effective teamwork depends on the ability of the team members to communicate with honesty, directness and a focus on team results. This workshop is aimed at:

  • Building team trust by understanding different points of view

  • Identifying the strengths of each team member as well as the potential landmines

  • Learning to communicate in difficult situations and embrace conflict as opportunity

Connecting Through Storytelling

Great storytelling can build relationships, shift culture and attract new clients.  Our storytelling workshops are based on three key objectives:

  • Discovering the storytelling purpose

  • Identifying and understanding the target audience

  • Enhancing communication skills and delivery


Communicating in Multi Media

Developing strong on and off camera communication skills allows you to effectively deliver your message and connect with your audience.  Our three key objectives for this workshop (or individual sessions) include:

  • Preparing and delivering clear and compelling messages and sound bites 

  • Developing go-to interview skills using the rules of improvisation 

  • Developing your authentic presence using the power of voice, body language and sense of humour. On camera focus; Television, videos and webinars. 

Communicating as a Leader

Leadership means influencing strategy, generating enthusiasm and developing trusted relationships.  Our three key objectives for this workshop include:

  • Preparing to improvise - how preparation helps to be quick on your feet

  • Using the Sway STEPS and the rules of improvisation to connect and inspire

  • Developing a leader's presence using the power of voice and body language

Connecting Through Presentations

Persuading an audience takes preparation, presence and a captivating performance.  Our compelling presentations workshop target three objectives:

  • Constructing a clear message and call to action

  • Preparing your delivery

  • Performing with passion 



Coaching to Maximize Potential

Maximizing the inherent potential of a team is critical to leadership success.  The benefits of coaching are clear - challenging work, more engaged employees and improved results.  The top goals of this Sway workshop are to:

  • Move leaders to coaching vs. directing by changing the dialogue

  • With confidence, communicate vision, expectations and difficult messages

  • Build responsibility and improve performance through self-discovery.




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